Modul 1

  My work: "Felt diary"

Plain sheets   Das Filztagebuch

Filzfund Russland   Hochzeitsteppich Türkei

Türkmenische Technik   Schnee auf dem Dachfenster
Starting point: basic knowledge of materials, plans, expression, developement, and producing the felt in a plain.  

Contents and aim of the first modul
Assignment after the first modul. Individual work can be based on the material itself, on the personal experiences or on observations in nature.  

Felt, fabric of the nomades
  • Quality and colours of the natural sheep-wool
  • Knowledge of sheepbreeds and raw-wool
  • FFelt-techniques of the nomades and other felt techniques
  • Different shaping-possibilities
  • Historical and ethnological background of felt in Asia