Rug of pebbles
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As part of a line of experiments, which I carried out in winter 2008 for the exhibition “Fashioning Felt” in the National Design Museum New York, I developed different ways of structuring the surface of felt to express light and shadow. One of the samples did not fit the line: A square of pebbles, just big enough for one hand. I could imagine the sensual pleasure of walking or lying on such a surface.

This sample became the starting point for a new project, a carpet, on which I worked on and off for a year. Tying the loose wool fibres to a thin pre-felt was a very meditative process. Gradually the rhythm of the work became evident, forming lines and patterns. On purpose I choose a rectangular shape for the carpet, so the viewer’s attention focuses on the picture itself.

The optical impression of cool and hard shingle contrasts with the tactile experience of warm and soft wool. It provokes the need to touch it and rest on it.

Material: Merino wool
Size: 180 by 120 cm

Steine / August 2009
Carpet-Object about "Stones" august 2009    Material: Merino-wool    Size: 140 cm/190cm

Steine Detail 1 / August 2009
Carpet-Object about "Stones" august 2009    detail 1

Steine Detail 2 / August 2009
Carpet-Object about "Stones" august 2009    detail 2